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Alemania 1973

1. Tamboura (8:16)
2. Subo (8:20)
3. Mollzitter (14:19)
4. Baldrian (6:29)
5. Gageg (20:09)

- Klaus Dapper / flute & saxophone
- Jürgen Havix / guitar & zither
- Jürgen (Jogi) Karpenkiel / bass
- Walemar (Waldo) Karpenkiel / drums

"Clearly reminiscent of the ORGANISATION pre-KRAFTWERK sound mixed with the jazzy sound of EMBRYO, KOLLEKTIV plays a rather avant-garde music inspired by both elements of psychedelic music, electronics combined with Jazz interfits.
The band was originally composed of Jogi Karpenkiel (bass) who joined the band "The Phantoms", an utterly pop band who changed their name to become the" Rambo Zambo Bluesband"," Bluesology" and finally ORGANISATION. Jogi Karpenkiel a

nd Klaus Dapper (tenor/baritone/soprano saxes, flutes) got out of "Bluesology" to form the band "The Generals", which will later change their style and will finally start to be known as KOLLEKTIV when both Waldemar Karpenkiel (drums) and Jürgen Havix (guitar, sitar) joined them to form the definitive lineup.

Their self-titled first album is very reminiscent of Kraftwerk's first works, featuri
ng lots of saxophone, guitar solos, flutes and electronic collages in a rather complex structuration that makes their reputation of a Jazz-rock band quite inaccurate and restrictive.
Although this was their sole record released in the 70's, some live sessions recorded in those years were recently issued on cd by the "Long Hair Music" label such as the "SWF-Sessions Volume 5" or the "Live 1973" concert records which feature excellent remasterised sound of old hidden masterpieces.

KOLLEKTIV are an important obscure short-lived Krautrock band that unfortunately broke out after their first release (Jogi Karpenkiel will later join GURU GURU).
Recommended for those interested in the more Jazz fusion-oriented bands of Krautrock!"

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KOLLEKTIV S.T. L.P. 1973 NWW list

01 rambozambo
02 baldrian
03 fφrsterlied
04 gageg_ (a) andante
05 gageg_ (b) allegro
06 gageg_ (c) pressluft

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