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"Hi, we're Makajodama. A instrumental combo that don't believe in categorize music in genres, it's just a tool for The Music Industry to make profit. Let your ears decide!"

These four musicians have an uncanny connection and recorded an album of instrumentals that is beautiful, challenging and worthy of repeated listening. The opening track, “Reodor Felgen Blues,” harks back to the days of King Crimson circa 1972-74 and Gentle Giant. Beginning with a slippery bass groove and off-meter guitar riff, the tune then jumps into a searing sound-off as guitars and strings collide. “Buddha And The Camel” glides on Danielsson’s evocative arpeggios, as Klint and Larsdotter carve intricate filigrees through background birdsong. Flute trills and wah-wah guitar break the song’s middle open like a multi-colored egg, and Danielsson solos through a sweep of strings and accented cello lines that recall Roy Wood’s days with the Electric Light Orchestra. And check out Ankarbrandt’s touch on the cymbals. “The Train Of Thought” is a hypnotic slow groover that ventures from Philip Glass-like minimalism into painted desert skies, with Danielsson laying down Byrds-ian country-rock guitar beneath Klint’s achingly lovely violin lines. The closing “Autumn Suite” takes its cue from 20th century modernistic classical music (one of the band’s influences is Swedish composer Allan Pettersson) filtered threw the carnival-like productions of Nektar and ELO – before crossing the globe to India for a sitar meditation. And it all works! *********************************Classic Rock Music Blog December 9th 2009*********************


01. Reodor Felgen Blues
02. Buddha And The Camel
03. Wolof
04. The Train Of Thought
05. The Ayurvedic Soap
06. Vallingby Revisited
07. The Girls At The Marches
08. Autumn Suite


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