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Carlos Beltrán - Jerico (1987)

Carlos Beltrán Martínez de Castro, b. 1956 , is a Mexican multi-keyboard player.
He undertook classical training since his childhood days, and this formative years would influence his later composing outcome. In the early 1970s he was attracted to the sound of progressive rock of bands like Renaissance and Focus, but also to the so-called soft rock produced by performers like America and James Taylor. In 1987 Carlos released his only album to date, "Jericho",[1] where he played all instruments, basically keyboards and percussion, whose sound was reminiscent of Klaus Schulze. The album didn't stir any grounds in his native country, but it was critically acclaimed, first in Japan, and then in other progressive quarters of Europe. Growing ever dissatisfied with the rock scene in Mexico, he opted to retire, but not before he distributed a home-made tape simply called "Familia Carbajal", where his expanding abilities as composer were evidenced. In 1997 "Jericho" appeared in CD format, making it accessible for a new generation of listeners from around the world.

Carlos Beltrán biography
Carlos Beltrán (full name Carlos Beltrán Martínez De Castro), a Mexican keyboard player, was born in 1956. Having received Classical training in childhood, he became interested in Symphonic Prog and soft rock. However, 1987 saw him release his only official album to date, Progressive Electronic gem, entitled ?Jericó? (on MUSART Records), where he combined his proficient Classical piano playing with Cosmic synths and sequences. Sadly, this wonderful album went largely unnoticed in his native country and the world hasn?t seen any official follow up to Jericó. However, before retiring he distributed his home-made unofficial tape Familia Carbajal, which is even harder to find than his official album. In 1997, Jerico has been re-released on CD, thereby saving it from undeserved oblivion.

Victim of its time and epoch, Jericó can still stand as a bright light of 80?s Prog Electronic music. It will especially appeal to those who like Classical and symphonic touches to Cosmic music, like, let?s say, Vangelis or Sangiuliano. Many fans would wish Tangerine Dream had sounded like this in eighties.

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  1. Proud to be his daughter :D !!!

  2. Gracias. Na sabía nada de él, inclusive su noticia me causó sorpresa pues en México nunca se le menciona.
    Muy interesante aporte.